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ETD - Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

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Since a 'Live Chat' app has been available on the website since mid-January, where people can message me direct - it's the same thing as SMS (text/instant messaging) or when I'm not online a message can be left and I get back to you - there is a significant proportion of people - maybe even as high as 30% - whose tinnitus symptoms are clearly related to either ETD (Eustachian Tube Dysfunction) or sinus congestion. This is reflected in my clinic work too unsurprisingly, mostly between the months of October through to March/April in the UK.

You catch a cold, sinuses become blocked and often so too does at least one Eustachian tube. Tinnitus is perceived as louder when this has happened. Using steam inhalation with some additional menthol component like eucalyptus essential oil, menthol crystals, olbus oil (albeit olbus is particularly “vicious” in its effect, and unnecessary as the other methods are equally effective). Regular daily steaming can clear congestion, though it can take several weeks of daily use to clear - occasionally longer depending on the extent of congestion and how long it’s been there.

When it is on-going and especially if you are having sinus pain, a visit to the GP is recommended.


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