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Nothing Can Be Done About "It"

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One of the reasons why people don't even start the Tinnitus E-Programme - or if they DO start, they don't continue and complete the course is:

They don't believe anything can help - WHY?

Because they have been told "nothing can be done about it" i.e. "nothing can be done about tinnitus" which is not true anyway, provided we accept the facts as they are - there is no magical "cure" that can remove tinnitus. The problem of tinnitus distress is all about how we react to tinnitus.

Tinnitus distress = the emotions we allow to trigger the feelings, sensations, thoughts, and meanings carried by those thoughts

What is this "IT" tinnitus that "nothing can be done" about?

The "IT" tinnitus the person is referring to is NOT the same "IT" that you are experiencing. The meaning or interpretation of "IT" to them only refers to what their own understanding or experience of tinnitus is!

Here are a few examples of THEIR meaning/interpretation:

"I've got "IT" and "IT" doesn't bother me"
"IT's" only a noise - ignore "IT" "
I have even known an ENT consultant say to patients - "Put the radio on between stations - if that doesn't help, you need a psychiatrist.." UNBELIEVABLE! This was exactly what was reported to me by numerous patients when I was working as an NHS Hearing Therapist in Essex

Compare now what "IT" means to you.. a few examples of many more - the list is anything but exhaustive:

"I can't stand "IT" any more"
"IT's" ruining my life"
"I can't escape "IT" "
"I hate "IT" "
"I'm not me anymore - I just want to go back to being who I was before I had "IT" "

When someone who isn't bothered let alone distressed or troubled by tinnitus says that phrase to you again, please remember that the IT (tinnitus) the other person is referring to is not the same as your experience of IT. Their intention may be well meant; however, their meaning/interpretation of IT is simply not your experience - however well intentioned they may be.

Where you are experiencing distress because of tinnitus, the emotions within you become the translation of the meaning of IT to you.

Oh yeah! And it's because you can learn to have control of those emotions that you CAN, in fact, do something about IT!


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