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CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme
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Hello and welcome to the Tinnitus E-Programme blog. I hope you are finding your way around the website and managing to work easily through the Tinnitus E-Programme course. Whether you are starting anew with the course, part way through, re-starting or indeed you have completed the E-Programme, your comments are welcome on here. Let me know if there are any specific questions you have about the course or indeed about tinnitus management, and if I can answer I will. Where others have ideas, please also respond. Everyone is valued on here.

It is a safe environment and in the unlikely event of anyone causing distress to other members through abusive comments, they will be removed from the blog.

Update 26 Jan 2019: Visit the Tinnitus E-Programme (TEP) Facebook page and from there, you can join our Facebook Group. The group is primarily there as an additional support for you as you go through the course, but potential users of the TEP are also welcome to join. It is still a very new group so membership is small at the time of writing; however, it's worth joining as any fresh updates to the Tinnitus E-Programme course are given a mention there, as are any new and interesting articles I find about tinnitus and related psychology information.  

Thanks for reading!

Debbie Featherstone
Founder of the Tinnitus E-Programme
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