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How will the Therapist-Supported CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme Part One work and be sustainable?
by Debbie Featherstone, founder of the Tinnitus E-Programme (2009 - 2019)

Pre-Therapist-Support up to 30 June 2018, I spent on average 12+ hours per week on the Tinnitus E-Programme - often many hours longer when the IT (website function) decides to break! Hosting the course on this website with all its complexity and IT issues is the reason it is now hosted using CourseCraft

The cost of the hosted CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme is currently set at £175 to include up to 60 minutes online contact using the Zoom video platform, one to one emails and cost of running the course on Craftcraft.

An alternative option is to book a one-to-one Tinnitus Assessment and have free access to the 6 Module CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme Part One.

Pre-Therapist Support Note: Beyond the Tinnitus E-Programme, I spend on average a further 8 hours a week working 1-1 online with individuals who need help additional to the TEP, working through the follow-on (to the TEP) process using CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and giving on-going support by email between their 1-1 sessions. This was a 2nd pilot project run between February and September 2018. It is in addition to the TEP Therapist-Support project for which the individuals concerned paid a token £60.00; the additional CBT (average 8 sessions per person) has been carried out at no additional cost to those individual Users, and I am grateful to them for their hard work achieving amazing results! Outcomes/benefit for this has proven overwhelmingly good - certainly on a par with in-clinic outcomes. There will be more to say about this once I have finalised the project! I have reduced my private clinic time to two days a week to accommodate the setting up and implementation of all this for the past year.

How can the Therapist-Led Tinnitus E-Programme be sustainable?

TEP Investor Donors

  • For individuals (including past TEP Users) and organisations with an interest in improving access to Tinnitus Management

Monies donated through this category are to be used as follows according to each TEP Investor Donor's preference:
  • To pay towards TEP therapist support for TEP Users unable to afford the fee. Where this is the case, the Investor Donor will be advised of the Outcomes (THI and other tinnitus distress measures) before, and at the end of the Tinnitus E-Programme for each person they have helped. Anonymity of individuals (TEP User and Investor Donor) will be maintained at all times
  • The Investor Donor can choose if they want their donations to help country-specific TEP Users or TEP Users from any country
  • Investor Donors can also choose their preference of whether their donation should be wholly spent on TEP therapist support, or whether a percentage can go towards training of additional therapists as the need for therapy time grows
  • All Investor Donor's choices will be respected

If you know someone who may be interested in becoming a TEP Investor Donor, please email debbie@tinnituseprogram.org - thank you!
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