Tinnitus E-Programme Part One
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Tinnitus E-Programme

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Thank you for sending in your Progress Check for Module 4

The answers in your Module 4 Progress Check are being checked for feedback

Please check your inbox for a confirmation email (and spam folder if it does not arrive)

If you do not receive access to Module 5 within a few hours at most,
please email admin@tinnituseprogram.org

SPECIAL NOTE: Provided you have sent in Progress Checks for modules 1-4, you are now eligible to access TEP Preferential Rates
for 8 one to one sessions on Cognitive Restucturing and Reframing (CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
either via Skype or in my Clitheroe Clinic if you live nearby

If you are unsure if you need the additional one to one help, repeat the THI and compare your score with what it was when you began
and read full details in the Additional help page

Or simply send me an email debbie@tinnituseprogram.org and I will be happy to get back to you

If you are still stuck having repetitive negative thoughts, the 8 sessions are designed to help you alter them

There is more of the Tinnitus E-Programme in Module 5 so whether you decide now or later to access one to one help,
please continue to Module 5 materials and a fourth Relaxation Recording
Tinnitus E-Programme © 2009-2020
by Debbie Featherstone MSc
Hearing Therapist & Psychotherapist
Tinnitus Project
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