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TEP Support Group

There is a well moderated Support Group that has been in place since the launch of the Tinnitus E-Programme in 2009.

The group has very recently (May 2019) been updated and included on the main Tinnitus E-Programme website.

The Tinnitus E-Programme Support Group is intended for the sole use of those using the Tinnitus E-Programme intervention - IT IS NOT A GENERAL TINNITUS FORUM.

  • There has never been a problem in the ten years that the group has been going, but it is worth noting that: Inappropriate, unhelpful comments will be deleted as will any comments that could incite upset or distress to others. Such behaviour will result on being banned from the Support Group without notice. Please address fellow members politely in the manner you like to be addressed yourself. Angry or intolerant posts are unhelpful and therefore not welcome.

The people in the Support Group - all past users of the TEP - are friendly and helpful. If you feel you would benefit from the support and would like to join, you can do so. It is a Yahoo Group so you will need a Yahoo ID to access. If you don't already have one, you can create one when you sign up to join the Tinnitus E-Programme Support Group.

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