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The 5 sections in Free Stuff can be used self-directed.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy enables people to change learned behavioural and cognition actions and reactions that perpetuate distress.

Participating in the CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme enables pro-active building and maintenance of new routines of habit-behaviour and habit-thinking through interaction and participation in a well defined, structured, evidence-based, therapist-supported process carried out at each individual's own pace. However, using the 5 sections in Free Stuff can be extremely beneficial when a TFI is up to mid-category 3 and requires no enrolment. The content can only help you if you carry out your practices regularly and consistently.

Reacting to anything - including tinnitus - teaches your brain to keep reacting in the same way. That's great when a reaction is "so what" treating it as being of no consequence. But when we attach significance to something, creating a negative narrative around consequences, the brain sets itself to monitor-mode and learns to do so very quickly. The guided process built in to the CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme, along with the one-to-one support you have throughout, enables that to change.

The two most popular packages people choose are with TWO 1-1 appointments and with THREE 1-1 appointments. Both include email support, interactive logs, progress checks and bespoke CBT tools, and the cost can be spread through monthly payments
The 5 sections for self-directed use

  • Breathing exercise - build a new routine of using the breathing exercise on waking and before sleep, mid-morning, midday, mid-afternoon and evening (6 times each day for 4-6 weeks
  • Physiological relaxation - use 2-3 times each day alongside 2-3 of the breathing exerises
  • After 4-6 weeks of using the breath work and relaxation, learn about Negative Thoughts
  • Then learn about Cognitive distortions and identify those you use repeatedly
  • The final component is to put what you have learned from the Negative Thoughts and Cognitive distortions sections in to practice through using Thought Records These will need to be used on a daily basis until you have retrained your thinking process through reframing negative thoughts
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