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Using Zoom for CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme

Zoom is a fully secure, encrypted video and audio platform

1. How does the Zoom video call platform work?
  • Zoom is similar to Skype and Facetime but is more stable and the quality of video and audio are usually excellent
  • The therapist books your mutually arranged time slot with Zoom and sends you an email with a link to the secure video call
  • You click on the link at the pre-arranged time of the call and you meet – there is nothing else to it! No IDs, no long telephone numbers. Just one link that you click!

2. What equipment is needed to use Zoom?
  • You need a good internet connection, microphone, audio and camera – most PCs, Macs and laptops have suitable built-in equipment these days
  • Use a PC, Mac, laptop, a tablet or smartphone. It is easier if you are “hands-free” so you can make notes during the appointment
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