Tinnitus E-Programme

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Additional resources and information

Recommended Tinnitus Self-help Reading Resources

"Living with Tinnitus & Hyperacusis" by Laurence McKenna, David Baguley and Don McFerran

"Tinnitus Information & Relaxation Guide: Sleep, Stress and Relaxation Management" by Rich Tyler, David Baguley and Laurence McKenna

Published paper regarding the UK Validation of the TFI (Tinnitus Functional Index):

Fackrell, K., Hall, DA., Barry, JG., Hoare, DJ. (2016) Psychometric properties of the Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI): Assessment in a UK research volunteer population, Hearing Research 335, 220-235 Download the full paper (Open Access)

Research papers on the Tinnitus E-Programme:

Greenwell, K., Sereda, M., Coulson, N., Hoare, D.J. (2016) Understanding User Reactions and Interactions With an Internet-Based Intervention for Tinnitus Self-Management: Mixed-Methods Process Evaluation Protocol, JMIR Research Publications Download the full paper (PMC Open Access)

Greenwell, K., Featherstone, D., Hoare, D.J. (2015) The Application of Intervention Coding Methodology to describe the Tinnitus E-Programme, an Internet-delivered Self-help Intervention for Tinnitus, American Journal of Audiology Download here (Link takes you away from this secure site to the American Journal of Audiology website)

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