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About your Progress up to Module 8

In terms of number of stages/modules in this course, you are now two-thirds of the way through (8 of 12). However, there is more benefit to be gained by taking your time and going at your own comfortable pace.

For example, although you may have completed Module 8, you may benefit from some "maintenance" i.e. remain where you are now in the course before continuing on to the next module, giving yourself more time using the Meaning Adjuster for example, and/or more time to practice with the Autogenic Relaxation.

Consolidate your progress before moving in to Module 9 if you feel you want to or need to. This is something we are likely to have discussed during your first 1-1 appointment, so it should just be a (timely I hope) reminder!

  • Future modules continue to open each week, but just because they are open does not mean you must rush to complete them    
  • Where you have open modules ahead of where you are up to, DO NOT SPEND ANY LESS THAN ONE WHOLE WEEK on each module as you come to it

I want to check in with you that you are still maintaining the breathing exercise between 3 and 6 times each day. It is still too soon to stop using the breathing exercise AT LEAST 3 times each day

The Meaning Adjuster is the main reframing tool used in the course, and for you to benefit, it needs to be used multiple times. If not every day (which gives the most benefit), most days and at least 6-8 times each week until your mind jumps in to change your negative thoughts

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