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Practice Thought Record

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Begin using Thought Records

This is the process for the first of the Thought Records (TRs) where you initially learn to identify NATs (Negative Automatic Thoughts) It is called Part 1. The FULL Thought Record is available when you are enrolled on the CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme and are working with therapist-support

Situation Example 1: Woke up at 5am - tinnitus is so loud!
Situation Example 2: Trying to read my book but I can't.

What was going through your mind JUST BEFORE you started to feel this way?
These "thoughts" are vehicles for carrying NEGATIVE MEANING, thus causing you to feel negative emotion. They are short, they come from your subconscious and you are starting out learning to identify them. They are called "Cognitive Distortions" i.e. "distorted thinking".

Here is a list of common Cognitive Distortions: mark any of them you realise you are using

 All-or-nothing thinking
 Filtering out the positive
 Jumping to conclusions
 Mind reading
 Predicting the future
 Magnification of the negative
 Minimising the positive
 Emotional reasoning
 Should / must statements

Common examples of NATs with distressing tinnitus:
"My life is ruined"
"I can't live like this!"
"This won't work for me" (e.g. the TEP and/or CBT)
"My tinnitus is SO bad, it must be different to other people's"

When you come to use the Full Thought Record (where you begin to started challenging the NATs), it is the HOT THOUGHT that you will be working on
If you have been an OPT-IN to TEP Therapy Support AND for on-going CBT, press SEND and I will email you back with feedback
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