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Matt, UK
Matt completed the course back in August 2021. Matt has been thoughtful enough to send a review of how he is TWO YEARS ON - thank you so much Matt!

"When I came to find Debbie and her online course, I was in a very desperate state, my anxiety was very high, my concentration was at an all time low; my work was suffering, I was losing weight and really not in a good place at all. I have had tinnitus for 30 years and yes at times there had been ups and downs but this was something different. My normal level of tinnitus had changed, I had new sounds and also some hyperacusis in my left ear. It was my only thought, it dominated everything, it just took over.

I had searched the internet, looked at forums and advice online but all they did was fill my mind with more anxiety and stress and worry. Which in turn turned up my tinnitus,  which put me into the famous tinnitus loop cycle.

So I read the reviews for Debbie's online course and knew this was the one to help me. So I sent my email to Debbie, who replied very promptly, I completed the questionnaires, Debbie then sent me my scores and gave me her recommendation of the course I should start. My scores were that high in each area, that I started the course straight away. I had my online face to face appointment with Debbie, who straight away started to put me at ease, she told me how things would work out and a brief outline of the course. Debbie is someone who knows exactly what she is talking about and her knowledge of this subject is second to none. So to have someone like that on your side, you know that you are on the path to success.

The 1st module was available to me straight away, which I read through and followed to the letter. The breathing exercise started to make a difference straight away and the relaxation techniques were amazing, allowing me to just start to take control over myself. Each module increases your knowledge of tinnitus, how it effects not just your hearing but you as a whole, and with each module, YOU begin to start to realise tinnitus is part of you, you are not part of tinnitus.

The 1st 6 modules flew by and my scores at the half way stage were a marked improvement on my starting point. I was starting to feel like me again, there were more positive days than negative days, the gaps between the 2, were getting bigger, as Debbie told me they would.

The next 6 modules gave me a complete understanding of how it all works and how our bodies respond to tinnitus, more exercises were added, which again I followed to the letter, I could feel the improvement in myself and my family could physically see the difference in me.

16 weeks had gone by and I filled out the same questionnaires and waited for my final scores to come back. The change was amazing, I had gone from severe to slight or normal in all categories. I did know this beforehand because I could feel the difference and see the difference in myself, I was back to me. My life that was on hold for so long, was back and better.

After 12 months of finishing the course, I was still feeling good and tinnitus was not my life, it was part of my life, nothing more. I was still continuing with the breathing exercises, which made me feel calm all most straight away, I slept soundly and had no problem with falling asleep.

2 years on as I write this, tinnitus is still part of my life but still nothing more. It's there but has no hold over me, I really don't notice it any more, I hear it from time to time, when it's quiet, or when I am reminded of it but still it has no hold over me, its just a noise in the back ground and nothing more, I treat it like the sound of the refrigerator or any other back ground sound. I even take no notice of the hyperacusis I have from time to time. I simply say 'oh there you  are' and move on. I call it my silence, my normal, as strange as it may sound, if I am struggling to sleep because of external sounds or a loud environment, I listen to my tinnitus because I associate with my silence and I am off to sleep in no time.

Debbie and her course totally changed my thinking mind on tinnitus and taught me the skills to overcome it, accept it and move on with it. Debbie taught me you are in charge of how you feel and respond to it, not the other way around. Follow the course as I did, word for word. Keep up with the daily exercises and the change will come and it will happen. Yes I have had tinnitus for 30 years but its only the past 2 years that I have totally understood it and been able to fully accept it. Tinnitus is not the end of normal life, its a blip but you can and will overcome it.

Thanks to Debbie for everything, for showing me the way to being me again and for helping me return to normal life."

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