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Physiological Relaxation

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Physiological Relaxation

Here is a recording of a physiological relaxation exercise.

Sometimes, when we have been stressed over a long time period, tension throughout the body has become "normal". It can be difficult to recognise feeling relaxed at all! By using physiological relaxation - tensing and relaxing alternately - helps to release physical tension and begin to recognise the difference between "normal" (tense) and relaxed:
Once you know the process and pace, you won't need the recording. Recommendation: Use the exercise 2-3 times each day alongside 2-3 of the 6 daily breathing exercises, perhaps with some relaxing music of your own playing in the background or, play sea waves sounds in YouTube

There are many relaxation apps readily available and free. After 2-3 weeks of using the breathing exercise and physiological relaxation, add to them by finding a couple of longer relaxation - or meditation - exercises that you like and use them at intervals during each week.

Download to print a Relaxation Training Log

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