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Debbie Featherstone MSc, Hearing Therapist & Psychotherapist
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Tinnitus E-Programme
Enough of the talk Lets do something

Welcome to the Tinnitus E-Programme!

The UK Hearing Therapist Led Online Practical and Professional Pathway to Managing Your Tinnitus
Brought to you by Debbie Featherstone from the heart of the Ribble Valley, in Lancashire, United Kingdom

NEW! Lots of changes have been made over the weekend 29 June -2 July. The Tinnitus E-Programme became Therapist-Led on 1 July 2018 following 9 years (since 2009) as a Self-Directed self-help course of Tinnitus Management
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Tinnitus E-Programme
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Changes to the TEP 1st July 2018
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including The Tinnitus Discovery Series begun June 2018
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