Tinnitus E-Programme Part One

Tinnitus E-Programme

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Deal Differently with the NoiseCBT Approach to Managing Tinnitus6 Module Tinnitus E-ProgrammeComplete in Only 6-10 WeeksCogitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Welcome to the Tinnitus E-Programme

The Online Tinnitus Clinic

Deal Differently with the Noise - CBT Approach to Managing Tinnitus

Therapist Led Online Practical Pathway to Managing Your Tinnitus
and component of the Tinnitus Project


2019 is the Tinnitus E-Programme's 10th Anniversary 2009 - 2019

Includes internet-based CBT (iCBT) for Tinnitus
with Debbie Featherstone in the UK - available worldwide

Mission Statement, Aims & Objectives are here


85% of people with tinnitus habituate naturally
Tinnitus Management - including the Tinnitus E-Programme - is for the 15% that don't

Therapist-Supported £175.00

In 2016, the NIHR NHBRU completed an Independent Evaluation of the Tinnitus E-Programme
key findings

Details of changes made through these key findings, and those identified through in-house projects

As a result, the Tinnitus E-Programme was overhauled and updated during 2017 and 2018
and continues to be updated with fresh materials and innovation

The Tinnitus E-Programme is delivered using the CourseCraft Learning Platform

ALTERNATIVE: Book an online assessment - (90-120 minutes) - have FREE access to the 6 Module Tinnitus E-Programme

GET STARTED - Request free access to the 'TEP Taster' module

Prefer to go SELF-DIRECTED? Self-Directed Option
May be suitable for Mild Tinnitus Distress (THI score under 40%) - (Only £50 to access - your course fee goes in to the TEP Investor Donor Funding Scheme)

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Find the latest TEP updates and articles in the
including The Tinnitus Discovery Series begun June 2018
You will find additional interesting articles on Neuroscience, Neurobiology & Neurochemistry
in 'Articles of Interest' on www.debbiefeatherstone.com

Tinnitus E-Programme © 2009-2019
by Debbie Featherstone MSc
Hearing Therapist & Psychotherapist
Tinnitus Project
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