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NEW TRIAL Q & A SECTION - Ask a Question

I am always receiving emails asking highly relevant questions that I reply to individually, hopefully in a timely and helpful way. It is not unusual for these questions and the answers to result in information being added to the course content.

Other times, the answer is already in the course content but the individual is asking for clarification, or perhaps just some reassurance.

At these times, it frequently crosses my mind how helpful it would be for everyone to be able to see the question and answer, so others can benefit from the answer too.

When you are wondering about something, or have a question you want to ask, rather than just hope the answer crops up at some point in the course, there are now two places where you can ask your question - either here in the General Question section, or the Comments sections at the end of each page in the individual stages.

There is still the email option for questions - including in your SITREP report - but first, think about how many others might benefit from seeing your question and the answers.

The new Q&A section is being run on a trial basis from 2nd October 2023. If it used as I hope it will, it can become a permanent addition.

You can use the Ask a Question form below, OR if you prefer email me direct at admin@tinnituseprogram.org giving your email the subject of Q&A

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