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Latest audit of TFI Outcomes and User Reviews
How much change can be expected?
Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) Category changes following completion of the 12 stage CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme

Average change by TFI value:
  • Cat 5 pre-course: 84.9% > 29.9% (Cat 2 post-course)
  • Cat 4 pre-course: 64.8% > 20.8% (Cat 2 post-course)
  • Cat 3 pre-course: 45.6% > 19.0% (Cat 2 post course)
Figures published 22 May 2022

  • When tinnitus bothers you for 15 minutes every day, spend 15 minutes every day DOING something about it two and a half minutes at a time
  • The average user starts out stating tinnitus bothers them 80% or more of their time awake
  • The average user finishes the course stating tinnitus bothers them 10% or less of their time awake
  • The CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme is a structured process, each stage opening week by week
  • Go as far in to the course as you need, at your own pace
  • There is a reason for everything used in the course being not only what it is but where it is in the process
  • Combines neuro-psychotherapy and associated neuroscience, with behavioural and cognitive therapy woven in to the process
  • Everyone who completes this process as it is set out reaches at least TFI category 2 (tinnitus is a small problem), including those starting with a TFI category 5 (tinnitus is a very big problem)

Snapshot of how the CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme brings about the necessary changes
Read more in the CBT4T Bulletin
Behavioural or Cognitive
  • A 12 stage course when your TFI (Tinnitus Functional Index) score is Category 3, 4 or 5
  • All one-to-one appointments are carried out using Zoom
  • Choose between enrolling with ONE, TWO or THREE one-to-one 60-90 minute appointments, along with support throughout the comprehensive CBT process via email and interactive tools
  • With TWO 1-1 appointments, normal cost £250 - British Tinnitus Association Supporter/Member £212.50 with your code
  • With ONE 1-1 appointment, normal cost £175 - British Tinnitus Association Supporter/Member £148.75 with your code
  • With THREE 1-1 appointments, normal cost £325 or 6 monthly payments of £55 - British Tinnitus Association Supporter/Member £276.25 or 6 x £46.75 with your code
  • NEW! Standard version: Includes use of all interactive tools - normal cost £99 - British Tinnitus Association Supporter/Member £84.15 (Does not include 1-1 appointments that can be paid for separately: £120 x 1 appointment; £340 x 3 appointments)
  • BTA Supporter discounts started 15 January 2020: Tinnitus E-Programme offers BTA supporters an exclusive 15% discount on all services by using the code available via the BTA when booking. In addition, Tinnitus E-Programme will make a donation of 5% to the BTA of the full (undiscounted) fee on enrolments made through this offer to support the charity’s work

Note: There is a short 6 module course available when your TFI score is Category 2 / mid Category 3. If your TFI meets this criteria when you send it in, you will be contacted with the details

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