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Tinnitus E-Programme

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Self-Help CBT for Tinnitus Free Version

SELF-DIRECTED Tinnitus E-Programme

  • May be suitable for some with a THI score of 36% or less - check your THI score
  • Able to be self-disciplined and self-motivated to work alone without Therapist Support; the self-help version does include email feedback from your weekly Progress Checks
  • To be completed within 12 weeks from the date of enrolment - it comprises 6 modules, each module accessible week by week. The aim is to complete the 6 modules, then 4 weeks later repeat the measures (THI etc) to calculate your progress/improvement   
  • Course materials comprise the basic CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme; whereas there may be additional materials identified on a 1-1 basis through therapist-support if and when required, they are not part of the course and therefore not available in the self-directed version
  • BE AWARE! Attrition (dropping out early) is high in any form of self-help, especially healthcare self-help. This is why self-directed is not suitable if you have high levels of distress and you need to be self-disciplined and self-motivated Earlier findings about the Self-Directed Tinnitus E-Programme
  • Where you feel confident you meet the above criteria, access to the Self-Directed Tinnitus E-Programme is free

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