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Unexpected learning from the TEP website Live Chat app

CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme
In January (2019) I decided to include a Live Chat app on the Tinnitus E-Programme website. It’s only been a couple of weeks, and I have learned something I wasn't expecting!

What did NOT surprise me:
There is genuine despair out there. People are suffering. Some are frightened by their tinnitus, some are depressed because of it, some are both afraid AND depressed. Some are angry.

What did:

What has surprised me is that so many people tell me they have “already tried the same thing”.

In fact, they are under the impression that they have already tried what they think is delivered through the Tinnitus E-Programme. I can assure everyone with confidence they haven’t; had they done so, they wouldn’t be physiologically or emotionally in the “distress” state they are.

When I ask them precisely what it is they have previously done, it turns out to be “try out” some breathing, or some relaxation, or some meditation. They try it a few times and they’re feeling no better. They give up on it. And no wonder!

The arbitrary occasional short term, unstructured use of these methods is no help whatsoever. And when they “don’t work” only serves to reinforce the belief that “nothing works”.

The Tinnitus E-Programme is a carefully structured - not arbitrary - combination of:

  • Having an understanding of the tinnitus mechanism that goes way beyond "the ear"
  • Rebalancing the Autonomic Nervous System by allowing it to change its status quo from high limbic activity to reduced, better controlled limbic activity
  • An easy to understand explanation AND practice of altering cognition: meaning > feelings > thoughts > reaction

These three combined and structurally delivered pieces of the “puzzle” come with the 1-1 support that gives the necessary reassurance and motivation when it’s needed - as it overwhelmingly is and greatly valued by those putting their trust in me and the Tinnitus E-Programme.

Having had 17 years in the NHS as a Tinnitus specialist clinician, qualified in Hearing Therapy and psychotherapy, and a university educator in the tinnitus field, I know for a fact this combination is not widely available elsewhere at all - if only it was!


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