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CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme
Published by Debbie Featherstone in It's more than tinnitus · Wednesday 27 Jul 2022
Did you know…

There is no standard guidance for clinicians in how to use CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for tinnitus? Even though the UK Department of Health NICE Guidelines recommend CBT as the treatment of choice for tinnitus distress because of the strong evidence-based research.

This has led to clinicians not formally qualified to use CBT having to invent their own methods by using what they already do for tinnitus patients and adding some CBT tools they have learned about, or to qualified CBT therapists offering CBT for tinnitus when they have no formal training in hearing and tinnitus.

The results all too often are reflected in the public perception as “CBT doesn’t work” for tinnitus, and largely, I would even concur with this statement especially as so many clinicians and therapists focus on the “C” and largely ignore the “B” in CBT!

Put the effects of the above together, and people really distressed by their tinnitus remain distressed, cynical, frustrated and even angry. Is it any wonder?

The CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme uses BOTH Behavioural and Cognitive aspects. Used in stages as it is set out in the carefully planned process, enables physiological, neuro-physiological and psychological change – in that order - removing the DISTRESS from having tinnitus.

  • Physiological change - from polyvagal theory that brought about the recent sea-change treatment of trauma in the psychology field
  • Neuro-physiological change – from Consciousness studies, neuroscience and brain plasticity fields
  • Psychological change – implementing Cognitive Therapy

Changes are borne out by the results (Outcomes and Reviews)

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